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Moving and Retiring to Costa Rica

Moving and Retiring to Costa Rica

The rapid growth in numbers retiring to Costa Rica is due to the wonderful all year round climate, friendly inhabitants and good value for the dollar in comparison to Europe where the dollar has lost 42% of its value against the Euro in the last few years.

Entering Costa Rica is very easy – you do not have to make a special visit to a consul for a visa before you get on a plane to visit. The Costa Rican government is very lenient with the length of stays. An initial 90 days with a 90-day extension are available for the asking.

Due to the small size and economically homogeneous native population, Costa Rica lures a much larger percentage of North Americans and foreigners in general who are “starting over” or living part-time in this exotic paradise.

Costa Rica eagerly welcomes tourists, seasonal residents and retirees but Costa Rica places fewer restrictions on newcomers than anywhere else in Central America. The government makes it easy to own property or start a business. To become a ‘pensionado’ or retiree in Costa Rica you need only to prove $600 a month retirement income. For those who are not retired but would like to live in the country or manage a business, the requirement is $1000 a month income. These amounts can easily cover a couples basic living expenses, something unthinkable in most other parts of the world. In Costa Rica on $1000 a month you can afford a maid and a gardener at least part-time.

Most retirees love Costa Rica because of the beautiful climate, inexpensive health care, tax benefits for foreign residents, latin culture and much more.

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